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SDS, SDML, and SDXL Rotary Slips are for use in API standard insert bowls. Featuring better contact and distribution of load on drill pipe thru a superior wraparound configuration and unique insert design, these slips prevent bottlenecking and gouging damage. The buttress design of the body segments provides great strength while minimizing weight for ease of handling. Flexible handles are standard, remove "FH" from part number for solid handles.

BVM Casing Slips type "CMSXL" are designed to handle tubing or casing from 5 1/2" through 36" OD and are available with either a 3" or 4" taper. These slips are light-weight, self-centering and made with a web type construction for support where it's needed. Slips are made from alloy steel, heat treated and tested for maximum durability. All steel specifications are certified. Flexible handles are standard.

UC-3 Casing Slip provides the full circumferential grip necessary to handle the weight of most casing strings and the thin wall of the casing.  The UC-3 Casing Slip has a 3” taper designed with a single liner per segment and a liner keeper assembly with bolt and washer for easy removal of the liner. Flexible handles are standard.

Type UC-3 (3" Taper) and UC-4 (4" Taper) Casing Slips with changes in number of segments will handle strings from 9 5/8" to 42" for UC-3 type and from 7" to 8-5/8" for UC-4 type.

A 4" taper and is used on 24", 26", and 30" conductor pipe. It is completely interchangeable with the 4" CMSXL slip except for hinged spacer blocks. Flexible handles are standard.

Each slip segments is a rugged drop forging with an extra long back to provide maximum support to the circular button gripping elements. Full wraparound design and circular buttons assure positive holding and slip setting. Drill collar slips are flat on top to accommodate the MP Clamp. Flexible handles are standard.

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