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BVM manufactures the Pickup laydown machine with the following feature Model BVM-LDM28 PU Skid type and trailer mounted, designed for work over rigs, length 39 ft., width -40 in height lowered 36” Lifting capacity Range 2 & 3 pipe 2 3/8” Tubing to 7 5/8” Casing maximum lifting capacity 2500 lbs. Ability to reach rig floor 6 to 27” 8” Boom extensions (stinger) – 8 feet, 30 foot trough with 26 feet of pipe pusher capacity. Available in wireless or manual valve configuration.

The Lift Becket and Perfection Links reduces handling time when combined with a BVM  drill collar elevator. When pulling drill collar, the regular drill pipe elevator is connected to the upper part of the upset sections of Drill Collar Lift Becket.

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